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Final QU101 Paper - Caitlin McGowan QU 101 Section 69 TuTh...

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Caitlin McGowan QU 101 – Section 69 TuTh 3:30-4:45 Prof. Engelsgaard December 8, 2010 Final QU101 Paper Multiple Identities Is The Key To Diversity Before my QU101 class I had my own perception of the meanings of both identity and community. To me, before this course, the word community meant a group of people that lived in a certain geographical area. For example a town or city that is in a state is a community. My hometown, in New Jersey, is called New Providence. New Providence is one community out of multiples communities in the state of New Jersey. When asked the question: what the definition is of the word community, the right answer would be that there isn’t one specific definition. There are multiple definitions of the word community, and the definitions are determined by an individual’s perception and the impact it has on that individual. Also the term diversity is conveyed through an individual’s perception. Different identities are presented through a group of individual’s in one community and the reaction between the individuals creates diversity throughout the community. Multiple individuals form communities that each has their own separate identities. The world identity is defined as who someone is as a person. “A person’s identity is not an assemblage of separate affiliations, nor a kind of loose patchwork; it is like a pattern drawn on a tightly stretched parchment. Touch just one part of it, just one allegiance, and the whole person will react, the whole drum will sound”(Maalouf, 148). This presents the idea that identity is defined as a complete whole and so are communities. Identity is formed and controlled by the individual. Experiences around the individual can only affect in
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a positive way if the individual allows it. The individual is able to change their identity through time and experience. Diversity comes from the combination of different identities formed through the same community. The key part of community is identity of the individuals that make up the community. Their background, other’s influence, shapes one’s identity and the current situation the individual is surrounded by. The search for one’s identity starts with an individual’s ethnical background, this is defined through one’s perception of what their ethnical background is. Most people that are ask, “What is your class and ethnic background?”(Tatum, 331), know how to answer the class question without hesitation. The ethnic question is a harder one to answer; this question creates the diversity through the multiple identities throughout a group of individuals. If I were to be asked the question I would be able to easily answer the question about class, I am a middle class female. My first reaction to the ethnic part of the question would be to say White, but
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Final QU101 Paper - Caitlin McGowan QU 101 Section 69 TuTh...

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