EN101 FINAL TaylorSwift-DearJohn

EN101 FINAL TaylorSwift-DearJohn - Acknowledgements I would...

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Acknowledgements I would like to show appreciation to my cousin Brittany Adisano and Missy Kegler, whom have both helped me through various drafts of my creative writing. I based my writing off of the movie “Dear John.” It is about a soldier, John, who was on leave from his base in Germany, and while he was home for two weeks he fell deeply in love with Savannah. Once John left to go back to Germany, they began to write letters to each other to stay in touch. They continue to write many letters to each other back and fourth until 9/11 happens. After that, Savannah falls in love again with her other best friend, Tim. Tim has a son with autism. Savannah and him end up getting married and John was left in the dust. Tim ends up dying as well as Johns father. The movie ends by years later Savannah and John run into each other. This is where my story begins.
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Caitlin McGowan EN101 – Section 75 Professor Kegler December 8, 2010 Dear John, I’ve Always Loved You It was New Years Eve and Savannah was sitting inside the local coffee shop. As she glimpsed out the window, there was John standing outside. They both looked at each other and Savannah immediately ran outside. It has been several years since they had last seen each other. She jumped into his arms and then began to shed tears of happiness. Ever since Tim and Mr. Tyree passed away, the both of them have been living on their own. Sure, Savannah had Alan, Tim’s son, but it just wasn’t the same. The recollections of the past and what they had was still unmarked in their heads. John invited Savannah to a New Year’s party that evening. We were both young when I first saw you. I close my eyes and the flashback starts, I’m standing there. On a balcony in summer air. As soon as John arrived to the party, he went to go look for Savannah. He was both nervous and happy at the same time. Still devastated about the breakup letter Savannah had sent him while he was in war. He hoped that tonight they could start over,
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EN101 FINAL TaylorSwift-DearJohn - Acknowledgements I would...

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