Reflection of Progress

Reflection of Progress - Caitlin McGowan QU 101 - Section...

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Caitlin McGowan QU 101 - Section 69 TuTh 3:30-4:45 Prof. Engelsgaard December 8, 2010 Reflection of Progress Myself as an Individual in the QU Community Upon coming to Quinnipiac University I never thought about myself very much. I was the, “kid” in high school who had no worries and was friends with most of my high school peers. I had never thought about who I was because I was friends with such a diverse group of people. There were the people who worried about their appearance every second and the ones who had no care about how they looked. Then there were the kids who loved playing sports and the ones who looked down upon them. Finally the studious kids who were under complete control of their parents and the ones who would run out of the school building at any opportunity they had. I found myself fitting well with all of these kids and never had a clear image of who I best fit with. Not only was I unclear of who I was, but also I never thought much about the people I interact with on a daily basis. The postman, the grocery clerk, the banker, the nice elder waitress at the dinner, and the high school kids who pumped my gas on a weekly basis. These are the people who made up my little town in New Providence, New Jersey. These people made up the community that I lived in and all had an influence on who “I” was and who “I” grew up to be today. When it came time to pack my bags and head off to college, I did not have any idea of
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Reflection of Progress - Caitlin McGowan QU 101 - Section...

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