QU101 Community Event #4

QU101 Community Event #4 - the game continued on it was a...

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Caitlin McGowan QU 101 - Section 69 TuTh 3:30-4:45 Prof. Engelsgaard December 2, 2010 Community Event #4 Bobcats vs. Minutemen On December 1 st , 2010 in Hamden, Connecticut, the Quinnipiac University men’s basketball team played against the University of Massachusetts. They hosted the UMass Minutemen at the their home arena, the TD Bank Sports Center. All of the fans were dressed in their yellow Quinnipiac shirts to support their home team. The crowd was very loud and rowdy getting anxious for the game to begin. UMass is one of Quinnipiac’s biggest rivals. Before this game, they were undefeated with a record of six wins and zero losses. After the first half of the game, the Minutemen were winning by nineteen points. The Bobcats began to catch up and one of their star players, Dominique Langston, scored an awesome slam-dunk and tied up the game with only two minutes left remaining! As
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Unformatted text preview: the game continued on it was a struggle to see who was going to win. Finally the score was tied again with only one-second left on the clock, and then Minutemen scored. The final score was sixty-six to sixty-four, UMass. This adds another win to UMass’s undefeated record making it seven wins and no losses. Even though we didn’t win last night, I still really enjoy attending all of the sporting events here at Quinnipiac University. Each game is full of excitement and fun. All of the students and fans that attend create a very live and cheerful vibe. After this game, the men’s basketball team has a four wins and two losses record. I am truly looking forward to Saturday’s game against Mount St. Mary’s and the rest of their season!...
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QU101 Community Event #4 - the game continued on it was a...

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