Psychological Treatments Reading 33

Psychological - sizes were combined from the studies The studies included about twenty-five thousand subjects The average age of the participants

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Caitlin McGowan PSY 101 – Section E Professor Williams December 4, 2010 Psychological Treatments Reading 33 The general research question of interest in Mary Lee Smith and Gene Glass’ study was to identify and collect all studies that tested the effects on counseling and psychotherapy. Also in their study they wanted to determine the magnitude of the effect of therapy in each study as well as compare the outcomes of different types of therapy. The methodology used in their study was they analyzed three hundred and seventy-five different studies. With each study, they examined the research method used and the type of therapy assessed. Each study examined at least one control group that received a different form of therapy or no therapy at all. The effect size was attained for any outcome measure of the therapy that the original researcher chose to use. A total of eight hundred and thirty-three effect
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Unformatted text preview: sizes were combined from the studies. The studies included about twenty-five thousand subjects. The average age of the participants in the studies was twenty-two. They all had received an average of seventeen hours of therapy and an average of three and a half years of experience. The major findings discovered in this study was that psychotherapy appeared to be successful in treated various kinds if problems. Also, no matter how the different types of therapy were divided or combined, the differences among them were found to be insignificant. I thought that this study was interesting. If Smith and Glass were to do this study over maybe they should try the study with the participants average age being older like between forty and fifty. It would be interesting to see if it would affect the results and chance any of the major findings....
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