DearJohn - It was the second masked ball he had decided to...

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It was the second masked ball he had decided to go to. At the first one, he was in search of Savannah. This time, he had the same quest although things were a little harder. There were more people, a larger location complete with its very own garden, he had his sister to keep track of and Savannah had sent him a very teasing text message before the event. Finding her seemed impossible to him. We were both young when I first saw youI close my eyes and the flashback startsI'm standing there on a balcony in summer airSee the lights, see the party, the ball gownsSee you make your way through the crowdAnd say hello, little did I know He passed Jenny off to Eric and set out in search of Savannah. After walking around the crowded room full of dancing people five times, John gave up. Maybe this was Fate's way of telling him that he and Savannah weren't meant to be. He finally saw a tall blonde wearing a deep blue strapless dress and a silver mask. The two things she she said she would be wearing. He approached her and tapped her on the shoulder. "Savannah?" Romeo take me somewhere we can be aloneI'll be waiting, all there's left to do is run You'll be the prince and I'll be the princessIt's a love story, baby just say yes She turned around slowly, almost like a scene in a movie. "Yes?" John sighed in relief and kissed her hand. "I've been looking for you." She smiled, her bright green eyes twinkling. "Really? It's almost midnight. You've been taking an awfully long time." John gestured to the throngs of people. "It's really crowded and I've run around the room at least three times." He paused and took her hand again. "Dance with me?"
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DearJohn - It was the second masked ball he had decided to...

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