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EN101 Final Rough Draft

EN101 Final Rough Draft - Acknowledgements Caitlin McGowan...

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Caitlin McGowan EN101 – Section 75 Professor Kegler December 5, 2010 As Savannah was sitting down inside the local coffee shop, she glimpsed out the window and there was John outside. They both looked at each other and Savannah immediately ran outside. It has been several years since they had last seen each other. She gave him an immense hug and then began to shed tears of happiness. Ever since Tim and Mr. Tyree passed away, the two of them were living on their own. Sure, Savannah had Alan, Tim’s son, but it just wasn’t the same. The recollections of the past and what they had was still unmarked in their heads. While they were hugging, Savannah whispered to John, “At last we’re together” and John was speechless. As much as he loved hearing these words come out of Savannah’s mouth, he just couldn’t get Tim out of his head. He was still devastated about the breakup letter that she sent him while he was in war. He was so heartbroken because he didn’t even have a say in it. The love they both had for each other was unconditional, but Savannah just couldn’t handle the long distance. Not much was said outside the coffee shop but John invited her over for dinner that night. John said “I’ll see you soon then,” like he always did. That made Savannah smile. They both didn’t know what to think about dinner. Savannah was nervous to tell
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