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Caitlin McGowan EN101 – Section 75 Professor Kegler November 14, 2010 Griffin Paper Proposal A Day in the Life of a College Student *The two main themes I am going to include in my creative writing is shame/guilt and denying/bearing witness. I’m going to bring into play dialogue, newscast, and a song as styles of writing. Storyline : I am going to write about a freshman college girl who cheated on her boyfriend in the past with her best friends boyfriend and nobody ever found out. It has been her deepest secret. She is currently still dating her boyfriend and today she found
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Unformatted text preview: out that she was pregnant. The song I’m going to include in my writing is going to be lyrics from a song about cheating and the newscast is going to be about teen pregnancies. OR Storyline : I am going to write about a nerdy freshman college girl who, by the end of the day, ends up as a mental inmate all because of her best friend. There will be newscasts about it and she will be a songwriter so I will include lyrics of part of her own song....
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