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Social Psych Reading 39

Social Psych Reading 39 - immediately They wanted to see...

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Caitlin McGowan PSY 101 – Section E Professor Williams October 9, 2010 Social Psych Reading 39 The general research question of interest that John Darley and Bibb Lantane wanted to find out was the behavior of individuals if they would help others in an emergency. They believe that the higher number of bystanders present during the emergency, the more lower it is that someone will intervene. The methodology used in this experiment was there were three different groups with a different amount of participants in each group. The first group had two, the second group had three, and the third group had six participants. Darley and Latane told the participants that they were interested in studying how students adjust to university life. They were then told to discuss their problems honestly with their groups. This was clearly a cover story. They created some sort of emergency. Darley and Latane discovered that they would have an epileptic seizure acted out within the group. They made sure that it was clear that the person was in trouble and needed help
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Unformatted text preview: immediately. They wanted to see how the participants would react. The major findings discovered in their experiment were that as the number of participants increased, the percentage of who reported to the seizure decreased. The delay of help was greater when more bystanders were present. Darley and Latane proved their hypothesis correct. I thought this experiment was very interesting. I was shocked how the results turned out. I believed that the more people that were present the more chance there would be for someone to help the person who is in trouble. If Darley and Latane were to do this experiment over with maybe they could change the emergency to see if that would affect the results at all. I’m not sure if the type of emergency would change the results but it would be interesting to try it out and see if there was any difference in the results....
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