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Health & Stress Reading 23 - Caitlin McGowan PSY 101...

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Caitlin McGowan PSY 101 – Section E Professor Williams October 21, 2010 The general research question of interest Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe wanted to test the stress of social readjustments in various life events. The methodology Holmes and Rahe used in their study was they created a list of forty-three different life events that individuals frequently consider to be stressful. They gathered four hundred participants and they were asked to rate each life event on how much stress they thought would be produced by the change and readjustment. After that, they were told to give a point value to each individual event. They told the participants that marriage was equal to five hundred points. Therefore, the participants would rate each even based on if they believed it was more or less stressful than marriage. After they were finished they put the life events in order from most stressful to least stressful. The major findings Holmes and Rahe discovered in their experiment was that death of a
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Health & Stress Reading 23 - Caitlin McGowan PSY 101...

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