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Pratt Video Script - -Step 1 Get in push up position-Step 2...

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Caitlin McGowan and Trish Hibner EN101 – Section 75 Professor Kegler October 25, 2010 Pratt Video Script “Pirates VS Ninjas” Part I: Introduction There will be two groups participating. They will be divided up into pirates and ninjas. Most participants will be males between the ages of 18 and 20. Jackie Chan will lead the ninja team and Jack Sparrow will lead the pirate team. They will both compete for victory of the Oreo Dunking Competition. The competition consists of two stations. Each participant in the group will have to complete each station before the winner can be declared. Part II: Rules For Each Station Station 1: “The Push Up Dunk”
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Unformatted text preview: -Step 1. Get in push up position-Step 2. Pick up Oreo using your only mouth-Step 3. Dunk Oreo into cup of milk-Step 4. Eat the cookie Station 2: “The Traditional Dunk”-Step 1. Twist the cookie apart-Step 2. Lick the frosting off (both sides)-Step 3. Show that the frosting is gone-Step 4. Dunk the cookie in the milk-Step 5. Eat the cookie-Step 6. Drink the milk Part III: Warm-up/Practice -Mouth stretches-Hand grip and finger warm ups Part IV: Actual Competition (Several stations) Oreo Dunking Competition will take place Part V: Announcement of winner TBA Part VI: Bloopers Part VII: Credits...
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Pratt Video Script - -Step 1 Get in push up position-Step 2...

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