WTL Essay #3 - Justin is gay and he was once put in the...

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Caitlin McGowan QU 101 FS TuTh 3:30-4:45 Prof. Engelsgaard October 23, 2010 WTL #3, Topic 3 Gay Rights As Americans we assumed to all be equal. If this is true, than why aren’t we able to love who ever we desire. There are many hate crimes committed against gays. So we are said to be equal as Americans but, they aren't allowed to be as equal as the rest of us. The laws say only a man and women can get married. Isn’t this basically saying that people whom are attracted to the same sex can't have the same rights as the rest of the country? Does this mean they aren't Americans? I believe this law is absurd. They live in this country, and they follow our country’s laws, yet they are still denied their equality. If we as Americans truly believe that we are all created equal as it says in our constitution. Why do some commit hate crimes? I believe that just because a person is different, it doesn't give anyone the right to hurt them in any way. One of my best friends,
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Unformatted text preview: Justin, is gay and he was once put in the hospital because a couple boys thought it was cool to pick on him for being gay. Being put in a hospital just because they have feeling towards someone of the same gender is absolutely ridiculous. Another time, he was the last one to be picked in gym because nobody wanted him on his team. Let me tell you, Justin loved playing sports and he was good at it too, but just because he was gay they didn’t want him on their team. Gay people in America have been known to be main targets of crimes. Since being gay has been hidden for so many years, people do not know how to deal with it now that this lifestyle is now out in the open. The fact that they cannot get married, be in the army, and so forth is so out of the extreme. I believe that in today’s society, the way gays are treated is absolutely absurd and unreasonable....
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WTL Essay #3 - Justin is gay and he was once put in the...

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