WTL Essay #2 - of being able to teach children new things...

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Caitlin McGowan QU101 – Section 69 WTL Essay #2 Professor Engelsgaard October 16, 2010 Community Service at QU Community service means something different to every person in the world. To me community service means helping not only your community, but also your school, state, and country. It means to be caring and kind to others and to help out those who are less fortunate then you. There are many ways that I feel I would benefit from community service at Quinnipiac University. Students can scope volunteer opportunities that relate to their chosen career, and explore their future field of work. For example, throughout my high school career, I worked with a program called Pathways. Twice a week, I would go to the local recreation center in my town and help special needs children learn how to play various sports. This was one of the many reasons that gave me such an aspiration to want to be a teacher. While working with these children, they made me realize the satisfaction
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Unformatted text preview: of being able to teach children new things. By helping them with their day-to-day challenges I was truly motivated. I gained the benefit of a work-force experience, and now I have an engaging experience to add top my resume. I was instilled with the true value of working with the special needs children, and now it truly relates to the career that I have chosen. Community service is when you take time out of your life to do something that will better other people not only physically, but also mentally, and in addition will improve your surroundings. I believe that community service and volunteerism are very important. I feel that it is extremely important that every individual in a community helps each other out. Although some may disagree, I believe that donating their time is the best thing an individual can do....
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WTL Essay #2 - of being able to teach children new things...

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