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Appiah Vocabulary - 3 Antinomianism a person who maintains...

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Caitlin McGowan EN 101 – Section 75 Professor Kegler September 27, 2010 Appiah Vocabulary I used www.dictionary.reference.com for all of the definitions below. 1. Promulgate : 1. To make known by open declaration; proclaim formally or put into operation (a law, decree of a court, etc.). 2. To set forth or teach publicly (a creed, doctrine, etc.). -Appiah’s definition of this word its very much similar to the true definition. He wanted to make a statement and publish the grand raisonneur’s creed. 2. Impasto : 1. The laying on of paint thickly. 2. The paint so laid on. 3. Enamel/slip applied to a ceramic object to form a decoration in low relief. -Appiah’s definition of this word has the same meaning of the true definition, but it is not exact. He didn’t literally mean influences are “painted”, he used it as an expression.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Antinomianism : a person who maintains that Christians are freed from the moral law by virtue of grace as set forth in the gospel.-Appiah’s definition is very like the true definition. However, it was not religious related. His definition of antinomianism referred to the same concept of the true definition. 4. Anomie : a state or condition of individuals or society characterized by a breakdown or absence of social norms and values, as in the case of uprooted people.-Appiah used the exact definition of this word in his text. 5. Adumbrates : 1. To produce a faint image or resemblance of; to outline or sketch. 2. To prefigure. -Appiah basically meant the same thing as the true definition. He was trying to say that it overshadows the main themes....
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Appiah Vocabulary - 3 Antinomianism a person who maintains...

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