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Freire Final Draft - Acknowledgements I wish to thank Missy...

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Acknowledgements I wish to thank Missy Kegler, Rachel Chase, Vaqas Khan, and Alyssa Gilbert for their help. Their comments and advice were very advantageous while writing this paper!
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EN101 – Section 75 Professor Kegler September 24, 2010 Freire Final Draft Teaching methods are the ways an instructor presents information to a student. There are various teaching methods. Everybody learns differently therefore, teachers need to switch up their teaching approaches in the classroom. Paulo Freire categorizes education into two popular methods called “banking education” and “problem posing”. Freire powerfully argues about these two teaching techniques in his essay. He believes that one of today’s most popular styles of teaching is banking education. This is when the teachers’ style of instruction consists of lecturing to the students and to have them memorize the information for the test. This theory should not even be considered teaching. Problem posing education consists of interaction between the teacher and the students. In the classroom there is a lot of communication and discussion in this method of teaching. This helps lead to thinking which conducts to learning a lot more than you would if you were copying notes from a power point. This is how teaching should always be; it is the solution to the banking method. Freire sees today’s education as an act of “depositing information by the teacher and to the students”. (Freire, 244) According to Freire, in return the students are expected to “patiently receive, memorize, and repeat.” (Freire, 244) He believes that this way of learning takes away from the vision and creativity. Throughout my high school career, I ran into many teachers whom believed in the banking concept of education. For example, my US History teacher, Mr. Carter, would just put up power points and have us copy down the slides word for word. Sometimes he would even use those old school projectors. Everyday he would read the
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Freire Final Draft - Acknowledgements I wish to thank Missy...

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