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Caitlin McGowan QU101 – Section 69 Extra Credit October 1, 2010 Professor Engelsgaard Alternative ending to “All Summer in a Day” …The children opened the door at a snail's pace, and immediately took two giant steps back. There was Margot huddled up, trembling, and weeping. The guilty faces on the children were just gawking at Margot, speechless. Everyone was hesitating over who is going to approach her. You could really tell how awful they felt for what they have done, some even started to shed tears. Nobody approach poor Margot. She looked up at each and every one of them with her gloomy eyes and they all took another step back. Finally, the teacher helped Margot out of the
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Unformatted text preview: closet and sent her home to recuperate from such an unpleasant experience. The children were voiceless, not a soul made a sound until it was time for them to leave. A couple days later, Margot returned to school. The students were all surprised to see her back so soon. Their voices became softer and softer until they reached a whisper. It was obvious that Margot was being talked about. Her first day back was very awkward and uncomfortable for everyone. The next day back, the children began to act normally towards her. They began to treat her the same way as they treated her before they locked her up. They acted like nothing ever happened. THE END....
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