Biological Perspective Reading 2

Biological Perspective Reading 2 - object was placed in the...

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Caitlin McGowan PSY 101 – Section E Professor Williams September 12, 2010 Biological Perspective Reading 2 The general research question of interest is does having more experience lead to developing a bigger brain? Rosenzenweig’s goal was to find differences in the brains of rats raised in enhanced environments in opposition to deprived environments. The methodology Rosenzenweig used in his experiment was creating three different environments for rats to reside in for temporarily. The first environment was called the standard colony cage. The rats that stayed in this sufficient cage had infinite access to food and water. The second cage was called the impoverished environment. This cage was a little smaller than the first cage and there was only one rat placed in it. The cage also contained plenty of food and water. The last cage was called the enriched environment. About six to eight rats lived in this large cage. There were a lot of objects and obstacles for the rats to play with. Each day a new
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Unformatted text preview: object was placed in the cage to be added to their furniture. The rats were examined frequently to find out if any changes had developed in the rats brain developed. The major findings discovered in Rosenzenweig’s research was that experience does have an effect on the brain. The rats that lived in the enhanced environment produced larger neurons and their brains were fifty percent larger than the rats that lived in the poor environments. In response to experience, the weight of the cortex increases fairly rapid. I thought this experiment was very interesting. In my opinion I believe that animals and humans do have similarities therefore this research was applicable in relation to humans. If they did this experiment over again I think that they should have used the same amount of rats in each individual environment. It would be interesting to see if they would get the same results....
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Biological Perspective Reading 2 - object was placed in the...

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