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PHYS3360/AEP3630 General Information Spring 2011 Overview : PHYS3360/AEP3630 Electronic Circuits will introduce practical electronics as encountered in a scientific or engineering laboratory (using discrete components and integrated circuits). It will cover how to analyze and design electronic circuits and how to test them in the lab. A large variety of topics are surveyed with enough depth to be useful but without an overly rigorous treatment. The course starts at an introductory level and moves aggressively through many different topics. The necessary background is laboratory work with DC circuits (i.e. Ohm's law), AC signals, and oscilloscopes (at the level of PHYS2208 or 2213). Other than that no previous electronics experience is assumed. The lab work will largely follow the experiments outlined in the Lab Manual and the Supplement. Completion of all experiments (except for those marked “optional”) is required to pass the course. Chapters 1-7 will cover analog electronics (resistors, capacitors, RC circuits, opamps, filters, diodes, bipolar, and MOSFET transistors) and comprise a little over half the course. Chapters 8-10 cover digital electronics (gates, adders, flip- flops, counters, shift registers, timers and one-shots). And finally in chapters 11-12 computer interfacing is introduced and used to investigate digital to analog conversion (DAC), analog to digital conversion (ADC) and signal sampling. Computer-aided design of circuits will also be introduced in the second half of the course, as well as the use of microprocessor prototyping boards. Lecturer
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This note was uploaded on 06/10/2011 for the course AEP 3630 taught by Professor Bozarov during the Spring '08 term at Cornell University (Engineering School).

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AEP 3630_Syllabus_SP11 - PHYS3360/AEP3630 General...

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