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midtermSP2011soln - PHYS3360/AEP3630 Electronic Circuits...

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Page 1 of 10 PHYS3360/AEP3630 Electronic Circuits MIDTERM EXAM 7:30-9:30PM (2 hours), March 10, 2011 Name : __________________________________________ Signature: _______________________________________ Lab Section # and TA: _____________________________ Total number of pages: 10 Score: Read this first! This examination is closed books and closed notes . Show all work and explain your results . Unless stated otherwise, try to give a numerical answer to all questions in addition to an analytical expression. You may use a simple calculator. All other calculation modes (graphing, simplification, etc.) are prohibited. Use the provided space after each question for your answers. If you need more room for a problem, write "over" and continue on the back. Cross out anything that should not be considered part of your answer. Make sure you have all 10 pages. By signing this exam you certify that you adhere to the Cornell academic integrity code. Good luck! Problem Possible points Score I 25 II 25 III 25 IV 25 Total 100
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Page 2 of 10 Problem I: Simple Arithmetic with an Op-amp (25 points) (a) Finish the design of a circuit using a single 3140 op-amp powered from
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