Final_exam_ECE2100_S2010 - Your Name 1pt Final Exam ECE...

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Unformatted text preview: Your Name: _______________________( 1pt ) Final Exam ECE 2100, spring 2010, Professor Molnar The exam will last 2.5 hours, you are permitted 4 single-sided 8.5”x11” crib sheets. You may also use a calculator. Scrap paper is provided and should be attached: show your work for partial credit. However, answers should be written in the space provided: if we have to go looking for your answer, you will lose 1 point off that answer! If you get stuck on any given part, move on, and come back later. 1) (4pts)Your two high school friends who went to Harvard and Yale are having a debate about the following circuit: The Yalie claims it is a low pass filter because at high frequencies, a capacitor looks like a short, so it won’t pass those frequencies. But “no” the “Harvard man” (Hah!) says, it’s a high-pass filter because inductors look like short circuits at low frequencies! Which one is right? Why? Two sentences: Bonus (3pts): which of these, ahem, esteemed individuals goes to “slope college”? 2) You are given a “black box” ala Lab 4, it is a “pi” network. Measuring with an Ohm meter, you find that Rac=1.5k Ω , Rab = 1k Ω , and Rbc = 500 Ω . a. (5 pts) What is the likely topology of the circuit: that is, is each component a resistor, capacitor or inductor? Provide component values where you can. b. (3 pts) Describe, in 2 sentences how you would find the values of the rest of the components. a b c c π network 3) Consider the circuit shown a. (3pts) If Vin(t) = 0 but Vout(0)=1V, what is Vout(t) for t>0? Provide an equation and a sketch, labeling initial and final values and timescale....
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This note was uploaded on 06/10/2011 for the course ECE 2100 taught by Professor Kelley/seyler during the Spring '05 term at Cornell.

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Final_exam_ECE2100_S2010 - Your Name 1pt Final Exam ECE...

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