prelim1_sp2010 - Your Name(1pt Prelim 1 ECE 2100 spring...

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Your Name: _______________________( 1pt ) Prelim 1 ECE 2100, spring 2010, Professor Molnar The exam will last 3 hours, you are permitted 1 single-sided 8.5”x11” crib sheet to be turned in for 9pts . You may also use a calculator. Scrap paper is provided and should be attached: show your work for partial credit. However, answers should be written in the space provided: if we have to go looking for your answer, you will lose 1 point off that answer! If you get stuck on any given part, move on, and come back later. 1) (5 pts)Your incompetent lab partner drops all your LEDs on the floor. The colored ones are easy to tell apart, but you have an ultraviolet one and an infered one, and they both look black to you no matter how much current your partner runs through them. How could you use an SMU to tell them apart? (2 sentences). 2) (10 pts) Apply superposition to the circuit below to find V1, V2, and V3 first in terms of Id, Ic and Vb, then numerically, assuming R = 1k , Id=200 μ A, Ic=1mA and Vb=3V. V1 = ___________________ = _____________________ (equation) (number) V2 = ___________________ = _____________________ (equation) (number) V3 = ___________________ = _____________________ (equation) (number) V1 V2 Id Ic Vb R R R R V3
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3) Consider the nasty circuit below: it is loaded by resistor RL a. (7 pts)Write, but do not solve, the node voltage equations for this circuit in terms of I in , R, V1, V2, V3, V4 and R L . Eq for node 1: ____________________________________________ Eq for node 2: ____________________________________________ Eq for node 3: ____________________________________________ Eq for node 4: ____________________________________________
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prelim1_sp2010 - Your Name(1pt Prelim 1 ECE 2100 spring...

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