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Your Name: (lpt) 50 I", . Prelim 1 ECE 2100, spring 2011, Professor Molnar The exam will last 2.5 hours, you are permitted 1 single-sided 8.5"x 11" crib sheet to be turned in for 5pts. You may also use a calculator. Scrap paper is provided and should be attached: show your work for partial credit. However, answers should be written in the space provided: if we have to go looking for your answer, you will lose 1 point off that answer! If you get stuck on any given part, move on, and come back later. Numerical Answers need only be accurate to two significant figures. "estimates" need only be within a factor of 2. 1) True/false 1lPt each) a. T /ff) The voltage across an inductor cannot change instantaneously b. (f) F At steady state, the CUlTent through a capacitor is zero. c. T Unless there is a voltage or current source in the system, The voltage across the capacitors in an RC circuit will always settle to zero, ~ardless of initial conditions. d. W F When applying superposition, you cannot remove dependant sources, only independent sources. 2) (2 pts) We stated in class that when applying node-voltage analysis, for a given node's equation, the voltage associated with that node should have the same sign in every instance, and all other voltages should have the opposite sign (the "sign check") When does this rule not apply? 1-2 sentences ~{~\ ut fPt'I\.J 0 II + ~ (. ~~.; r') rl ~~ ,'r;{"' f" 3) (5 pts) You have an LED with the I-V curve shown. You want to use a reasonable amount of current with a 3V battery, so you include a 250 resistor in series with it. Sketch the IV curve of the LED-resistor series combination on the same graph, and estimate the power consumed from a 3V supply.
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This note was uploaded on 06/10/2011 for the course ECE 2100 taught by Professor Kelley/seyler during the Spring '05 term at Cornell University (Engineering School).

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prelim1_sp2011_soln - 50 I", . Y our Name: ( lpt) P relim 1...

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