Homework 6 - ECE 2100 Spring 2010 Homework assignment 6 Due...

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ECE 2100 Spring 2010 Homework assignment 6 Due May 8, 2010 Covered: Chapters 11-13: Laplace transforms, impulse functions, partial fractions, transfer functions, initial, final value theorems, poles/zeros, passive filters, active filters, Bode plots. 1. Prelab : Considering the following RLC filter circuit. a) Derive a voltage transfer function H(s)=Vout/Vin for the circuit. Where are it’s poles and zeros? b) Add a series resistance for the inductor of 2.3 and derive the voltage transfer function H(s) including the effects of the inductor series resistance. Where are the poles and zeros now? c) Now, in the frequency domain (s = j ω ), plot on an expanded linear frequency scale (about resonance) the magnitude of the voltage transfer function [|H(j ω )|] in decibels with and without the inductor series resistance. What is its effect here? On these plots illustrate the circuit's bandwidth and resonant frequency. d) Plot with a normal Bode magnitude presentation the voltage transfer function magnitude of the circuit! The frequency range should be from 100 to 10 5 Hz. 2. Prelab : consider the active RC filter shown. a) Derive the transfer function H(s).=Vout/Vin b) What are the locations of the poles and zeros of this circuit? c) Plot the Bode plot of H(j ω ) for the frequency range 100 to 10 5 Hz. Show both magnitude and phase. Name this circuit.
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3. Prelab : Equalizer design: Model a lossy communications cable with the RLC circuit
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Homework 6 - ECE 2100 Spring 2010 Homework assignment 6 Due...

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