PS2 - 0.0384 g N 2(28.013 g/mol a How many moles of C are...

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1 Chemistry 2090 Problem Set #2 Due Monday (in class), February 7, 2011 Chap 3 problems: 2, 12,18, 24, 34, 44, 52, 82, 88, 112 Do the following problem: Ex1. 1. At a recent Furthur concert, several glassy-eyed, happy, drooling students were found to be in possession of a fine white powder, A . Fine officers of the law confiscated 0.5280 g of A and combusted it with O 2 to obtain 1.3227 g CO 2 (44.01 g/mol), 0.3692 g H 2 O (18.015 g/mol) and
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Unformatted text preview: 0.0384 g N 2 (28.013 g/mol). a. How many moles of C are produced upon combustion? b. How many grams of C are in the powder? c. How many moles of H are produced upon combustion? d. How many grams of H are in the powder? e. How many grams of N are in the powder? f. How many grams of O are in the powder? g. What is the empirical formula of the substance? Ex1. 2. What is the molecular formula of the compound below. O O N H 2 + Cl-...
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