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PS8 - Consider the series LRC circuit with a time varying...

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Electricity and Magnetism Physics 2217 and AEP 2170 Spring 2011 Homework 8 Assigned: Sunday April 17 th Due: Friday April 29 th 1. Problem 8.7 Purcell 2. Problem 8.8 Purcell 3. Problem 8.9 Purcell 4. Problem 8.10 Purcell 5. Problem 8.11 Purcell 6. Problem 8.12 Purcell 7. Problem 8.13 Purcell 8. Problem 8.14 Purcell 9. Problem 8.15 Purcell Challenge Problem NOTE, this is such a good problem, for those who may be at a latter stage in their math preparation, please seriously attempt this problem.
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Unformatted text preview: Consider the series LRC circuit with a time varying source of EMF, like we did in class. Rather than a sinusoidal source we have a delta function source, V(t) = V (t), find the time response of the current, voltage (across the resistor), and Q(t) on the capacitor. Since you already have the complex impedance of this network, this problem is trivial if you can rewrite V(t) and a series of complex exponentials, V(t) = n c n exp(i n t)....
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