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ACCT1002 Week 1 Lecture Notes Cost Behaviour Analysis - Examines how costs behave(change or stay) when levels of business activity change - Helps in planning and choosing alternatives - Starts with identification of key activities and their relationships with various costs Variable Costs Change with increases and decreases in activity level e.g. direct materials, direct labour, COGS, freight costs, fuel Identified on per-unit basis Stay the same per unit Total VC change in proportion to change in activity level Fixed Costs Do not change with increases and decreases in activity level e.g. rates, rent, insurance, supervisor’s salaries Fixed cost per unit = total cost divided by units of activity level Total FC stay the same
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Unformatted text preview: • FC per unit changes as activity level changes Assignment: Ethical conflict resolution process (ECRP) 1) Introduction: brief overview of potential ethical & accounting issues 2) Identify relevant accounting and ethical issues 3) Identify stakeholders: identify and outline potential impact of the stakeholders and indicate whether there are potential conflicts of interest 4) Outline ethical perspective: identify the perspectives that appear to have been adopted by the key stakeholders, identify at least 3 alternatives that could be adopted to assist in the conflict resolution process and then identify your group’s ethical perspective(s) 5) Alternative courses of action and recommendation...
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