Chapter 7 - Chapter 7 Survey research Audience and consumer...

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Chapter 7 Survey research Audience and consumer surveys are commonplace in all areas of life. Decision makers in business, politics, etc use surveys result as part of their daily routine. Descriptive surveys – attempts to describe or document current conditions or attitudes – explain what exists at the moment Analytical survey – attempts to describe and explain why situations exist. Advantages & disadvantages of survey research ; can be used to investigate problems in realistic settings, the cost of surveys is reasonable when one considers the amount of information gathered, the most important disadvantage is that independent variables cannot be manipulated the way they are in laboratory experiments, difficult to conduct Data collection / constructing questions – mail survey, telephone survey, group administration, sonal interview Type of questions – open-ended questions (gives the respondents the freedom in answering questions and an opportunity to provide in- depth responses. Closed-ended questions – respondents select an answer from a list provided by the researcher Problems in interpreting open-ended questions - often cause a great deal of frustration because respondents’ answers are often very bizarre Open-ended questions always include an opportunity for interviewers to ask for additional information. General guidelines – make questions clear, keep questions short, remember the purposes of the research, do not ask double-barreled questions(when one ask two or more questions in the same sentence), avoid biased words or terms, avoid leading questions (that contains a
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hidden premise), Do not use questions that ask for highly detailed information, avoid potentially embarrassing questions unless they are absolutely necessary. The
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Chapter 7 - Chapter 7 Survey research Audience and consumer...

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