The Age of the Universe

The Age of the Universe - • To find age of the Universe o...

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The Age of the Universe The constant in Hubble’s constant increases with distance Only the space between galaxies is expanding o expansion of space itself, not the actual expansion of galaxies o like raisin bread – raisins are moving away from eachother because bread they’re in is expanding, not them, themselves The distance between any two galaxies is increasing with time Big Bang was the creation and expansion of space itself o not an explosion in a different plane
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Unformatted text preview: • To find age of the Universe: o extrapolate expansion rate backwards to calculate when they were in the same location reciprocal of the Hubble constant if the universe has been expanding at a constant speed • with an H naught of 71 – universe is 13.7 billion years old • agrees with the minimum age estimated o From things we have discovered thus far, it must be at least that old ex. – oldest star 13 billion years – must be at least…...
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