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STUDY SUGGESTIONS FOR BIO 365S FINAL EXAM As you may have discovered, your study strategies for this class probably need to be a bit different from what you’ve done before. 1. Focus on the material covered in lecture (see Powerpoints) and on the three tests. 2. I am assuming you have the basic biology and chemistry background that was covered in Ch. 2-4. 3. Make a vocabulary and equations list. Include acronyms and alternate names/terms. 4. Figure out how to organize information in a form that makes sense to you. You’ll remember it better and be able to conjure it up out of your memory more easily. 5. Use the figures and topics listed below to guide your studying. If you can reproduce a figure without peeking at the book, that means you know it. Pay attention to figure titles (what is this figure trying to show?) and to the axis labels on graphs. 6. Once you’ve done all your mapping and figures, try to answer all the end-of-chapter questions in the workbook and text. Simpler questions on the exam will be similar to the workbook reading questions and the end-of-chapter level 1-3 questions. More complex and difficult questions will be like the workbook problem questions and the level 4 questions in the chapters. * Try to answer the questions without looking up information. Use the questions as a diagnostic to figure out where you need to concentrate your studying. 7. You WILL have a big osmolarity-tonicity problem.
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365final-exam-review - STUDY SUGGESTIONS FOR BIO 365S FINAL...

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