BIO Blood HW - Stays the same The total oxygen content of...

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Problem 2 Questions 1. At what place listed above would you expect to see increased ventilation due to stimulation of the carotid and aortic oxygen sensors? Explain You would see increased ventilation at Mount Everest because the Po 2 falls to less than 60 mmHg. At any point below Po 2 60 mmHg ventilation is stimulated. 2. How much more Hb would a person need to synthesize in Quito to make her blood match the total oxygen content of her blood at sea level. Show your work 15g/dL x 1.34mL O 2 /g HB = 20.1mL/dL x (1.34mL O 2 /g HB) = 20.4mL/dL x = 15.2g/dL 15.2g/dL – 15g/dL = 0.2g/dL 3. How does iron deficiency anemia (low Hb) affect the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood? The oxygen carrying capacity of blood stays the same. The percent of saturation of Hb? Stays the same The amount of dissolved oxygen?
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Unformatted text preview: Stays the same The total oxygen content of blood? Decreases 4, Which will carry more oxygen in his blood : A with Hb of 15g/dL and an arterial Po 2 of 80 torr or B with a reduced Hb of 12g/dL and a normal arterial Po 2 of 100 torr. Give actual numbers A. Will carry 19.5 mL/dL oxygen in his blood B. Will carry 16 mL/dL of oxygen in his blood 5. An anemic patient has a Hb of 10g/dL. Which will be the more effective treatment : giving her 100% oxygen to breath, causing Po 2 to go to 120 torr, or giving her a transfusion that raises her Hb to 11g/dL? 100 torr = 13.4mL/dL 120 torr = 13.5mL/dL Hb 10g/dL = 13.4mL/dL Hb 11g/dL = 14.7mL/dL 6. According to the computer program, at what Po 2 does Hb first reach 100% saturation? Po 2 = 648...
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BIO Blood HW - Stays the same The total oxygen content of...

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