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The Human Experience - love or pure pleasure between the...

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At first when asked to select a single piece of artwork to describe a human experience I have encountered in my life, I didn’t know where to begin. There are so many experiences to pick from but I decided on love and pleasure. The piece of artwork I decided on was The Kiss by Auguste Rodin. This is a magnificent marble statue, standing at a height of 6’2”(1.90 m). It depicts a man and woman intertwined in a passionate embrace. I believe this art shows a great
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Unformatted text preview: love or pure pleasure between the couple. Love is what keeps me going throughout every day. The embrace that is depicted in the artwork reminds me of how much love I feel when I am in that same kind of embrace with my own boyfriend. I believe that The Kiss can show us how society sees the man in the more dominant position. When I look closely at the statue, I see how the man is in the control position....
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