PM 587 Week 6 Discussion - Last week we learned how to...

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Last week, we learned how to build a budget and several tools and techniques for managing resource conflicts. This week, we will focus on various project control methods. What have you used on a project to help you manage it? If you haven't managed a project yet, look at the Earned Value Techniques discussed in the lecture. Which ones do you think you would like to use, and how would you use them? One method I would use for project control would be having a solid schedule that will be able to differentiate between activities and can show dependencies of a project. Scheduling and scheduling function are one of the important aspects in project management system. When network-planning techniques are used, scheduling depends on the planning function. A schedule is a timetable for a plan and therefore cannot be established until the plan has been developed. As we discussed in class, schedules should be on time and should never be padded. From experience, I have seen a few projects padded where activities were not performed on time that made deadlines almost
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PM 587 Week 6 Discussion - Last week we learned how to...

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