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Week 4 Bonus Participation - team assesses and agrees on a...

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Week 4 has great information about methodologies and project management.  No matter what field  you are in and what your career plans are - being able to implement projects (technology or  otherwise) is key to organizational success. The selection of a methodology is dependent on many factors:  cost, time, experience being some of  them.  I personally have employed the SDLC, Prototyping and RAD.  I have been a participant on  projects that utilized the JAD - which was an interesting profess. By far the SDLC has been the more widely used.  One of the important reasons for selecting a  project methodology is so that all team members are on the same page.  For example, the team  charters act as your project plan.  Each team consists of several people (in various demographic  locations) to complete a project all in the virtual setting.  The assignment is laid out into tasks - the 
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Unformatted text preview: team assesses and agrees on a design of the project. The team dynamic is that each team chooses a leader and then each team member takes a task. Time lines are determined and each member works autonomously then brings the individual result to the project team. The SDLC process can be used for very simple to complex projects. I'll share more on some specific projects and methodologies as we move forward this week. Things to think about - and please share (no APA references needed for substantive credit) - are what you have experienced with project planning methodologies, or how do you think you would use planning methodologies to implement something new or update a process in your organizations?...
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