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BIS/219 Business Information Systems BIS/219 Weekly Overview WEEK TWO: DATA GATHERING, STORAGE, AND USES Objectives for the Week Recognize data management issues. Identify components of a database. Describe the relationship between data, information and knowledge. Compare e-business and e-commerce. What You Already Know Based on the overview in Week One, this week presents how information systems are used in organizational departments, how information resources are managed, and the role of the IT department. These skills provide a solid base for studying how information systems gather, store, and use data. This Week in Context This week, you explore how data and databases influence business decisions. Databases play a
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Unformatted text preview: significant role in an organization—it is important to know what information goes into a database, and how to extract needed information in a usable form. The advent of e-business and e-commerce has transformed the business processes of today's organizations. You also cover how businesses, consumers, and the government use e-commerce and the challenges this new technology creates. Assignment Overview The Learning Team assignment due in Week Three focuses on how uses and manages customer data. The project also addresses how this information has allowed Amazon to grow beyond its original inception as an online retailer. Page 1 bis219r3...
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