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Week 1 Summary - settings 1 Include any questions or issues...

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Week 1 Summary I. Implications A. Comment on the value of the weeks' topics to your understanding of business communication 1. The reading and discussion this week has furthered my understanding of communication in the workplace. I was previously aware of business people using their cell phones and laptops as PDAs for important meetings and contacts and that they used these devices to maintain a mobile office. B. Comment on at least one key topic/information gained from class readings 1. The main thing that I learned from this week is how to do an appropriate audience analysis and I learned many key steps in communicating with different audience types. II. Conclusions A. Apply your learning of the week's material to personal/professional
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Unformatted text preview: settings 1. Include any questions or issues about the content that were raised for you during the reading weeks a) Now I know that when I am communicating with an intrinsically motivated audience than I should present my idea to that person via e-mail, that way the introvert has the time to make an informed decision as to what to do in the situation b) When dealing with an extrinsically motivated person that I should present my idea to this person in person in the form of a presentation or just a speech because extroverts prefer to make decisions on the spot rather than think them over....
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