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Business Communication Trends - Running head BUSINESS...

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Running head: BUSINESS COMMUNICATION TRENDS 1 Business Communication Trends Krystal Harson COM285 July 5, 2010 Britta Cammarata
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BUSINESS COMMUNICATION TRENDS 2 Business Communication Trends Communication is key in all businesses, regardless of position or type of business (Locker & Klenzier, 2008). The sandwich shop that I used to manage for instance, one would assume that communication skills would not be pertinent but one would be wrong. Communication is extremely important in this environment, the business is ever-changing and without communication the business would be impossible to run. In this paper I will explain the communication activities typically used in this company. A person with no communication skills will not survive in this environment. According to Locker and Klenzier, "Because communication skills are so important, good communicators earn more. Linguist Stephen Reder has found that among people with two- or four year degrees, workers in the top 20% of writing ability earn, on average, more than three times as much as workers whose writing falls into the worst 20%" (2008, p. 5, Para. 5). With this information one can conclude that if they have any desire to advance within the Role of Business Communication
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Business Communication Trends - Running head BUSINESS...

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