Week 2 DQ 1 - o When working with learning teams(which is...

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According to Locker and Kienzler three important points that a group must keep in mind when working on a collaborative writing project are: "Plan the organization, format, and style of the document before anyone begins to write to make it easier to blend sections written by different authors. Decide who is going to do what and when each piece of the project will be due" (2008, p. 476, Para. 2). o This is important because people with vastly different opinions and from different cultures may be working on this project and all parties involved have to come to an agreement on the direction that the writing project must take and the manner in which it must take "Consider your work styles and other commitments when making a timeline. A writer working alone can stay up all night to finish a single authored document. But members of a group need to work together to accommodate each other’s styles and to enable members to meet others commitments" (2008, p. 476, Para. 4).
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Unformatted text preview: o When working with learning teams (which is the only collaborative project experience that I have ever had) I have learned that members of teams have vastly different lives, study time and project commitment. It is important that at the beginning of the team relationship, all members make their availability, strengths and weaknesses known to the group so that they can be appropriately delegated work assignments (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). "Build some leeway into your deadlines. It’s harder for a group to finish a document when one person’s part is missing than it is for a single writer to finish the last section of a document on which he or she has done all the work" (2008, p. 476, Para 6). o As stated previously all team members must be up front about their availability and they must be assigned talks that fit into that schedule. Reference Locker, K. O., & Kienzler, D.S., (2008). Business and Administrative Communication (8 th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill....
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Week 2 DQ 1 - o When working with learning teams(which is...

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