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Week 2 Summary I. Implications A. This week's discussion focused on working in teams which I feel is an incredibly important skill for any business professional to master. This topic of discussion will aide us in our learning team experiences throughout our time at UoP and any team experiences that we may experience in our professional lives. B. This week's assignment focused in audience analysis and diversity. This assignment was very informative for me, and allowed me to look outside myself and my typical situations
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Unformatted text preview: and imagine myself pondering the manner in which I need to present the sales data to the various stakeholders. II. Conclusions A. I will use the knowledge that I gained about audience analysis throughout the rest of my educational career and through to my professional career as well. As an accounting major I will be in a situation similar to the one simulated in the assignment many times throughout my professional life and this information will be invaluable to me in the future. III....
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