Employee Privacy Report - Running head EMPLOYEE PRIVACY...

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Running head: EMPLOYEE PRIVACY REPORT 1 Employee Privacy Report Krystal Harson COM 285 August 2, 2010 Brittan Cammarata
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EMPLOYEE PRIVACY REPORT 2 Employee Privacy Report Employee privacy is something that many people are concerned about, especially in regard to E-Mail and Internet privacy. Many believe that they should be able to conduct personal business such as bill paying and social networking on company computers. This is a belief that many are realizing is incorrect. Employers have to safeguard the business before anything else. There are some laws in place that hold some precedent in regard to employee privacy, however there are exceptions to these laws that protect the employer. In this paper I will explain these laws, the exceptions and the reasons that an employer may decide to implement an E-Mail and Internet use policy. E-Mail, Internet and Privacy Policies I have never had a job that had privacy policies as far as communication technology is concerned. In my experience, if a computer is available to employees, then they are free to use it during breaks or other forms of downtime. I have never been in a situation in which E-Mail or Internet use has been monitored in any manner. I would not, however be upset if I were in an organization that any type of internet use policies or monitored e-mail in any way; this is the choice of the organization and they have reasons behind the choices that they make. Laws Concerning E-Mail and Internet Privacy Currently there are no laws that protect and employee's E-Mail and Internet privacy, however courts have historically sided with the employer rather than the employee (Smith & Tabuk, 2009). However, there are some laws in place that have historically been used in employee privacy cases, such as the United States Constitution and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) of 1986.
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Employee Privacy Report - Running head EMPLOYEE PRIVACY...

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