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1. Learning Team Assignment: Code of Ethics Review The “ Code of Ethics ” statement provides the roadmap by which an organization has chosen to document its ethical position. 1. Locate two examples of an ethics code from each of the following general areas: a non-profit or governmental agency; a retail organization; a government contractor; and food/beverage producer (may be for humans or pets). You may use a code of ethics from your own current or previous employer if it fits into one of these categories. 2. Discuss* your examples in your learning team. Similarities? Differences? Categories of importance? Penalties for violation? Compensation impacts? Responsibility for monitoring? *This
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Unformatted text preview: visible discussion is worth up to 1 point in the grading of this assignment. 3. Prepare a 1000 word paper to document your discussion of the importance of the code of ethics, and the similarities and differences. In addition, provide your team’s assessment of which one would seem to be the most comprehensive and/or easiest to understand/uphold. 4. APA report-writing guidelines are important – including an introduction to your writing, as well as a conclusion which specifically recaps important points. 5. This paper must include references for at least two scholarly sources, beyond the url references confirming your ethics code examples...
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