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Week 5 Team Assignment - • • Training • o Is ethics...

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1. Learning Team Assignment: Ethical Organization Profile 2. Resources : Internet, University Library, Business Ethics, Managing Business Ethics , and Taking Sides . Create a fictitious organization that exemplifies business ethics. Write a 2,100- to 2,800-word paper in which your Learning Team explains the organization’s ethics programs and overall ethical environment. Address the following in your examination: o Describe current moral and ethical issues faced by the organization. o Explain how the fictitious company deals with the relationship between ethics, morality, and social issues in the legal environment. o Evaluate the organization’s ethics program based on the code of ethics, training, monitoring, and enforcement. o Consider the following questions: Code of Ethics o Does a formal code of ethics exist? o What topics are included in the code of ethics? o How is the code distributed and used? o Is the code reinforced in reward and decision-making systems?
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Unformatted text preview: • • Training • o Is ethics emphasized to recruits and new employees? o How are employees and managers oriented to an organization’s values? o Are managers trained in ethical decision-making? o What ethics training exists for employees? • • Monitoring • o How are ethics and integrity measured throughout the organization? o Are whistle-blowers encouraged? If so, how? o Does a language exist that allows employees and managers to openly discuss ethical situations? o What ethical considerations are incorporated into planning and policy-making at the organization? • • Enforcement • o How do managers enforce ethics? o How are ethics enforced by the organization? How is unethical behavior dealt with? • • Format your paper according to APA standards. • Create a 7- to 10-slide PowerPoint ® presentation summarizing your paper....
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