CM 306 - C MS: 306M Group Evaluation Matt Fisher...

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CMS: 306M Group Evaluation Matt Fisher Self-evaluation is always the first step in correcting in your faults and the only true way to improve your performance. Our group reflected many of the necessary characteristics to make an effective presentation. The most prevalent attributes our team had were maintaining a common theme and identity, sustaining enthusiasm along the way, and keeping clear goals in mind. The largest problem looming over our group was punctual preparation; however, on an individual level everyone was able to pull together and do their part. Often times there is conflict within a group, and to be successful the group must overcome adversity and put aside their differences to complete the task at hand. Personally, I had a hard time committing time to the group due to being busy with other classes and such; I know the rest of the group felt the same way in regards to being busy. As far as performance I felt we performed up to par with our preparation, but I do think the project could have been a lot better with more preparation. Overall, the group flowed smoothly and the project was a success, but there were still several flaws and corrections that needed to be made. Our team was composed of many leaders and many people persistent to get the job done, however it also had a couple people who lacked focus and determination, which pulled our group down. Brian, one of our group members, rarely showed up to the meetings, and the few times he did show he hardly ever spoke, which definitely caused conflict and confusion within the group. Many group members were fearful his part would not get done and our performance would suffer as a whole. That posed a huge distraction because instead of worrying about our own assigned responsibilities, we were focused on the lack of someone else’s contribution. Julie was
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CM 306 - C MS: 306M Group Evaluation Matt Fisher...

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