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Works Cited Leander, Kahney. "Straight Dope on iPod's Birth." Wired 17 Oct. 2006. "MacDailyNews - MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Phil Schiller's Macworld Expo 2009 Keynote." MacDailyNews - Apple and Mac News - Welcome Home . 29 Mar. 2009 <>. Oliver, Garnham. "IPhone sales hit 17 Million." PC World 21 Mar. 2009. Pixar. "Pixar History - 1986." Pixar Animation Studios . 29 Mar. 2009 <>.
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Unformatted text preview: &quot;Steve Jobs live -- Apple's &quot;The beat goes on&quot; special event.&quot; Engadget . 29 Mar. 2009 &lt;;. &quot;Subdued reactions to Apple's final Macworld keynote -; - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment &amp; Video News . 29 Mar. 2009 &lt; iref=newssearch&gt;....
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