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Informative Speech - A. Introduction a. Attention Getter:...

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A. Introduction a. Attention Getter : Innovative, Original, Visionary, CEO, Terminal, while these all may be excellent words to describe Steve Jobs, I think the best adjective is Revolutionary. b. Thesis : Steve Jobs and his creative ideas have revolutionized the way we see things, hear things, and even the way we say things. c. Preview : To provide a roadmap, first I’m going to touch on the way he’s changed animated movies, secondly I’m going to discuss the iTunes and iPod era, lastly I’ll speak on the iPhone d. Statement for audience Interest : In order to keep doors open and conversations flowing not only in the job world but also with friends and family we must stay updated on technology. e. Credibility Statement : I have actually lived through and experienced all of Steve Jobs brilliant ideas and all of them have actually changed my life. Transition Statement : Toy Story changed my life; I have not been the same since I’ve known toys are alive. B. Body a. Point 1 : Movies i. Sub point 1 : For those of you who may or may not know, Steve Jobs was actually with Pixar from the beginning and was one of the largest investors in the project. According to, in 1986, he purchased Pixar for 10 million dollars and served as CEO for many years. Toy Story was the first successful 3D
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Informative Speech - A. Introduction a. Attention Getter:...

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