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Self Evaluation Informative - C MS 306M M att F isher Self...

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CMS 306M Matt Fisher 1 Self Evaluation: Informative I believe the overall presentation of my speech was effective, it served its purpose: to inform. There were definitely stylistic hiccups, but it did not take away too much from the message. Throughout the entire presentation I had busy hands and an unenthusiastic tone. On top of all of that, I had several fluency breaks ranging from repeating words to uhs and ums to even slowing my words. If I were to improve on my gestures and voice, I think my speech would have been at least 10 times better. Personally, I felt my introduction was strong. It served as the attention getter and the preview. It didn’t give away my speech and left my audience wanting a little more information on each point. The thesis gave a clear and concise overview of what will be presented in the very near future. I do think on the tape I sounded too structured and formulated, but again it did not ruin the speech. During my introduction at 11:58 on the tape, I noticed I was rotating my body quite a lot. My body movements made it quite distracting to try and focus on the message.
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This note was uploaded on 06/10/2011 for the course CM 306 taught by Professor Fisher during the Fall '10 term at University of Texas at Austin.

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Self Evaluation Informative - C MS 306M M att F isher Self...

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