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Self Evaluation Persuasive - C MS:306M Persuasive Self...

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CMS:306M Persuasive Self Evaluation Matt Fisher One of the most important skills in the business world is the art of persuasion, but the ability to sway your audience to see your point of view can be extremely difficult. In this presentation, I believe I was along the right path of persuasion but the delivery, organization, and content all could have used some work. In regard to delivery, from the very beginning of the speech, my attention getter was far from interesting. From viewing the tape I was able to realize how difficult it was to connect to my opening quote. Reading the first amendment, my attention getter, straight off the note card took away a lot impact. The introduction had a lot of potential to be exciting but after viewing the tape my tone of voice and face gestures left me uninterested and not entertained. I had no inflection to emphasize points and I didn’t complement any information with facial gestures. After failing to grab your audience in the beginning it is hard to recover with the rest of your speech. On top of failing to engage my audience initially, I noticed from the tap that I was swaying throughout the entire speech. As a viewer of the speech, I felt the swaying made me, as the speaker, seem anxious. It is hard to focus on the content of the speech while the speaker is swaying constantly. My hand gestures made definite improvement being more meaningful and properly placed, but they were still repetitive at times. It’s hard to use different hand gestures
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Self Evaluation Persuasive - C MS:306M Persuasive Self...

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