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Hubert Keel Research Paper Prospectus ITEC610

Hubert Keel Research Paper Prospectus ITEC610 - Title Net...

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Title: Net Neutrality & Net Censorship: An Unabated Assault on a Free and Open Internet Thesis: A free and open internet is essential to free speech and open discourse. Without the concept of Net Neutrality and with the increase in Net Censorship, the idea of a free and open internet is rapidly disappearing. Abstract: This paper will examine the concepts of Net Neutrality and Net Censorship, their interrelations, effects on free speech, effects of the First Amendment relative to both concepts, effects on the First Amendment, the role of the Judicial System, along with various other areas of impact or effect. Through a mandate of Net Neutrality and the elimination of Net Censorship, a continued free and open internet can be achieved. Outline: 1. Thesis 2. Brief Internet History 3. Net Neutrality Examination 3.1. Definition 3.2. History 3.3. Present 3.4. Future 4. Net Censorship Evaluation. 4.1. History 4.2. Present 4.3. Future 5. Ramifications 5.1. Legal 5.2. Economic 5.3. Sociologic 6. Conclusion 7. References https://www.dpacket.org/articles/benefits-and-risks-mandating-network-neutrality-and-
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  • Spring '11
  • Smith
  • First Amendment to the United States Constitution, History of the Internet, DARPA, Internet censorship, Net Censorship

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