IMPLICIT ASSOCIATION TEST 5-20-11 - In this day and age, it...

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Iran Williams Implicit Association Test May 20, 2011 The result of the Implicit Association Test is as follows: Your data suggest a slight automatic preference for African American compared to European American. It also stated the following: Most respondents find it easier to associate African American with Bad and European American with Good compared to the reverse. Prejudice refers to prejudgment or making a decision without knowing the relevant facts. Sociologists own termed prejudice as an adaptive behavior. It can occur because of the following reason: - Biased views might be needed for survival. -not having enough time to form a lawful view about a potential foe before adopt a defensive stance. You can not specifically measure prejudice ( In my personal opinion, I believe that the questions were too open-ended to really give a valid assumption of what my true feelings were.
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Unformatted text preview: In this day and age, it is extremely hard to measure prejudice. I have never wanted to measure prejudice, I just feel like it is or it is not. The act of prejudice is just there in my case as an African-American. Once you experience it, you really do not care to measure it. Sociologists use different methods to calculate prejudice. Before doing this assignment, I really did not know much about the Implicit Association Test. It is one of a few that I discovered in my research that measures prejudice. The other test or type of questions that measures prejudice is called Likert Scale. It has a series of questions to be evaluated by the sociologist to determine the level of prejudice or whatever topic is at hand. References: Retrieved from
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IMPLICIT ASSOCIATION TEST 5-20-11 - In this day and age, it...

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