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Tracking the intersection of culture and media

Tracking the intersection of culture and media - Malcolm X...

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Tracking the intersection of culture and media Malcolm X was more than just another Muslim. Malcolm X was a family man and he had his own views. When it came to how the African American race was treated, Malcolm united the African American community and worked to pull them closer as a whole. He was also a strong man when it came to what he believed in. He wanted the African American people to speak their mind and not be afraid to do so. He also worked hard to for the treatment of black people because he wanted them to be treated equally. Malcolm also wanted the people to know that no matter what color of skin that they had, they still had rights. He wanted all people to know that the black man made a difference in society as a whole.
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Unformatted text preview: Malcolm X did what a lot of people wanted to do. He stood up when other people would not or did not have the courage to do so. Malcolm became a great man despite the adversity that he faced with all races. He gained knowledge through education and others that were deeply involved in his life. He was devoted to his religious beliefs. The beliefs taught him to be a patient and disciplined man. Malcolm showed people that with the right tools, one can change and be a great individual. Malcolm X transformed himself, with assistance from others, from a street hustler and a robber to a man of integrity and honesty. He was a man of force but also had gentle side to him and he cared about his people....
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