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Violet Williams ENG 112-1001 B PHASE 1 INDIVIDUAL PROJECT 2/19/10 A life after death. What a concept? The issue that will be discussed is harvesting sperm after death. This topic may affect anyone in the public. Based on research, the topic is rare and it is usually affects families who have had a sudden loss, for example, car wreck. reports the issue dates back to 1980 in the case involving a 30-year old man who became brain dead following a motor vehicle accident and his family requested sperm preservation (Rothman, 1980). The consequences or affects of the topic tend to be ethical rather than legal. This project is to prove to the audience that human nature can get the best out of people. One never knows how deep family means to others. Some people, rather than let
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Unformatted text preview: go, they want to extend their family lineage. The following questions are from the audience: Who will be the donors? How much does the procedure cost? The reason that I choose this topic is because it is rare and a lot of people have not exposed to this topic. The research and tools will be the internet and medical journals. The evaluation process will consist of fact and not my personal thoughts. The question that I hope that this research will answer is if there are any birth defects along with this topic. The topic at hand is one that I am against. We are not God. There are some special cases where life is taken accidently. This approach is right for others to take and to embrace. Through continued research and analysis, this topic may revolve into another point of view....
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